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John P. Albright President and Chief Executive Officer Consolidated-Tomoka Land Co.
Consolidated-Tomoka   Land   Co.   celebrated   its   100th   year   in   Florida   in   2002.      In   the   early   decades of   the   century,   “Consolidated”   was   reputedly   the   largest   land   owner   in   Florida   holding   almost   two million   acres   of   land.      It   remains   today   the   largest   land   owner   in   the   Daytona   Beach   area   with approximately   11,500   acres   of   undeveloped   land.      Consolidated-Tomoka   is   headquartered   in Daytona   Beach   and   its   common   stock   is   traded   in   the   New   York   Stock   Exchange   under   the   symbol CTO.
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J. Hyatt Brown Chairman Brown & Brown, Inc.
Founded   in   1939,   Brown   &   Brown   is   one   of   the   largest   most   respected   independent   insurance intermediaries   in   the   nation.      In   July   2014,   Business   Insurance   magazine   identified   Brown   & Brown   as   the   sixth   largest   independent   insurance   intermediary   organizations   in   the   US   and   the seventh   largest   such   organization   in   the   world.      Brown   &   Brown   is   one   of   the   select   companies that   comprise   the   Standard   &   Poor’s   Mid-Cap   400   Index   and   is   publicly   traded   on   the   New   York Stock Exchange under the symbol BRO.
Jim France Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President NASCAR
NASCAR   (National   Association   for   Stock   Car   Racing)   was   founded   in   1948   by   Bill   France,   Sr.,   to establish   a   common   set   of   rules   that   would   govern   stock   car   racing   from   track   to   track.      Today, NASCAR    is    the    most    prominent    sanctioning    body    in    stock    car    racing    based    on    geographic presence,   membership   and   sanctioned   events.      NASCAR   and   Grand   Am   races   are   arguably   the highest viewed spectator sporting events in the world.
International Speedway Corp Logo Lesa France Kennedy Photograph
Lesa France Kennedy Vice Chair and Chief Executive Officer International Speedway Corporation
Founded     in     1953,     International     Speedway     Corporation     (ISC)     is     a     leading     promoter     of motorsports   entertainment   activity   in   the   United   States.      ISC   currently   owns   and   operates   13   of the    nation’s    premier    motorsports    entertainment    facilities    with    an    approximate    total    of    one million   grandstand   seats   and   over   525   VIP   suites.      ISC   maintains   its   corporate   offices   in   Daytona Beach and its common stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol ISCA.
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Ed Noseworthy Chief Executive Officer Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
Dedicated   to   extending   the   healing   ministry   of   Christ,   Florida   Hospital   Memorial   Medical   Center (FHMMC)   operates   two   hospitals   within   Volusia   County   with   a   total   of   407   licensed   beds   and   63 emergency   beds.      FHMMC’s   recently   opened   comprehensive   Cancer   Institute   provides   cutting- edge radiation treatment and is home to only 100 Novalis TX systems in the world.
825 Ballough Road, Suite 210 | Daytona Beach, FL  32114     P: 386-256-4900    F: 888-688-4474       E:  
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Glenn S. Ritchey, President/CEO Jon Hall Automotive Group/Ritchey Autos Southeast Automotive Management
The   Jon   Hall   Chevrolet,   Inc.   family   has   been   proud   to   serve   the   automotive   needs   of   the Daytona   Beach   area   for   over   20   years.      Jon   Hall   is   proud   to   be   recognized   by   GM   as   the   #1 Volume Chevrolet dealer in the Southeast.
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Mike Panaggio Chief Executive Officer DME Holdings
DME   was   founded   in   1982.      The   company,   whose   main   office   is   located   in   Daytona   Beach, focuses    on    personalized    cross-media    communication    strategies.            DME    serves    fast-paced vertically   integrated   marketing   environments   with   a   focus   on   data-driven   and   results-oriented targeted communications.
Teledyne Logo Mike Read Photograph
Mike Read President Teledyne Oil & Gas
Teledyne   Oil   &   Gas   is   an   alliance   of   Teledyne   Technologies   companies   that   deliver   high-reliability engineered   interconnect   solutions   for   power   transmission,   data   transmission   and   monitoring application   to   operators   in   the   oil   and   gas   exploration   and   production   industry.      The   World Headquarters   in   Daytona   Beach   employs   more   than   500   workers   locally.      In   2013,   Teledyne opened   its   Technology   Development   Center.      This   52,000   square   foot   R&D   facility   works   to   bring forward engineered solutions to complex technical challenges.
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Tim Phillips President P & S Paving Inc.
P   &   S   Paving,   Inc.   a   paving   company   serving   central   Florida,   was   incorporated   in   1993.      P   &   S Paving   has   successfully   completed   numerous   road   projects,   including   but   not   limited   to   I-95,   SR 400,   SR   442   and   US   Highway   1.      Other   major   projects   within   our   community   include   Daytona International    Speedway    and    One    Daytona,    Daytona    Beach    area’s    premier    retail,    dining    and entertainment destination scheduled to open in 2017.
About Our President
Mike Panaggio Photograph
Dr. D. Kent Sharples Dr.   D.   Kent   Sharples   was   born   and   raised   in   northwest   Ohio.      He   attended   Bowling   Green   State   University   where   he   earned   a Bachelor’s   and   a   Master’s   Degree.      Upon   graduation   he   moved   to   Athens,   Ohio   where   he   taught   in   the   College   of   Engineering and   Technology   at   Ohio   University   for   seven   years.         Following   his   passion   for   Community   Colleges   he   earned   a   PhD   in Education Administration with an emphasis on Community Colleges. Following   30   years   as   a   community   college   President,   D.   Kent   Sharples   was   appointed   as   the   first   President   of   the   CEO Business   Alliance,   a   private   sector   initiative   in   economic   development.         The   CEO   Business   Alliance   is   dedicated   to   improving the quality of life through the economic growth of Volusia County.